Beginner's Chemistry & Experiments

In the late 1960s & early 70's, life was considerably different than it is today. Chemistry sets were one of the most popular things for kids & young adults to own. In fact, over 65% of the homes that children also contained a chemistry set. Back then, hobby stores and toy stores all carried chemistry sets as well as replacement chemicals. You could walk into any toy store and buy small containers of any chemical you needed from Ammonium Nitrate to Zinc Dust. These days legal liabilities are too severe for most companies to sell chemistry sets not to mention chemicals at the retail level. Unfortunately, this has caused a great loss in hands-on experience with these materials. Even schools have given up working with actual chemicals and laboratory equipment. One of the main reasons United Nuclear Scientific was formed was to help reverse this trend and provide a place where these materials were once again available to the general public. Back in the 60s & 70s there was a beginner's chemistry experiment experiment book that was the hands down favorite of everyone. It was titled 'The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments'. It contained instructions on how to set up a home laboratory as well as a collection of great chemistry experiments. Supposedly the U.S. Government had the book removed from all libraries and banned from sale son the grounds that the experiments in the book were deemed too dangerous for its intended audience.
We do not agree with that - and oppose the banning of any book.
Although somewhat dated by today's standards, it is still a good read even for adults who would like to get into chemistry & chemistry experiments. We've taken a good portion of the book and its illustrations and updated them a bit as some of the 1960s comments and terms are a tad silly by today's standards.
So, for your enjoyment and education, we present the updated 'Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments - the United Nuclear edition'.