Please note that exploring abandon mines can be lethal for the inexperienced.
If you go prospecting, only go above ground... or with a professional!
Prospecting Photo Gallery 2

Sporting a big smile, Kathy stumbles on a deposit of the most sought after Uranium mineral... Pitchblende.

After about an hour of searching, Dan finally locates the "annoying" source of his unusually high background readings... a big chunk of radioactive Thorium.

This is the look you want to see on the face of every prospector. Kris locates a large deposit with a Scintillator.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should never enter abandon mines. Note the single piece of wood holding up the loose rock ceiling !

Getting a little carried away, Bob ventures up the side of a mountain and manages to locate a small deposit of brightly fluorescent Uranium ore.

Several medium & high level ore samples are found in a small pile of rocks near an old abandon railroad track.