Please note that exploring abandon mines can be lethal for the inexperienced.
If you go prospecting, only go above ground... or with a professional!
Prospecting Photo Gallery 

Our group for our Day Prospecting Trip in New Mexico. No one ever goes home empty handed... this group found over 200 pounds of low & medium level Carnotite & Uraninite ore.

Here's the group photo for our long distance prospecting trip to southern Utah. These remote locations yield high & super-high grade Pitchblende ore, as well as high-level Uraninite crystals.

A relic from the prospecting rush of the 1950s... The Uranium Cafe. The original Uranium prospector hangout for good home cooked food and exchanging prospecting stories. It's always a stop on our prospecting tours for lunch.

Tom holds up the first piece of ore found. It was a combination of bright yellow Carnotite & black Uraninite that really made the geiger counter sing.

The base of this mountain is found to contain some of the highest level samples we've ever found in the area.

Jan displays her find of high & super-high level Uranium ores.