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  We get a lot of requests for our upcoming CloudTracker-2  Cloud Chamber and Tornado Machine - but we have a little more work to do with them before we go into mass production. We had intended on releasing them for the Christmas season but decided to hold off until after the new year. The last thing we want to do is release something that's not absolutely perfect and have potential customer problems & complaints so we need to hold off on these two items until they are up to United Nuclear standards.

Here's the info on them.... 

New Cloud Chamber

  Our original Cloud Chamber, the CloudTracker 1 (pictured above) was a very popular product. The only problem was that it required Dry Ice to operate, which is a bit inconvenient and an added expense. Our new CloudTracker 2 will soon be a standard stock item.
It requires no Dry Ice - just plug in & turn on. For those unfamiliar with the device, Cloud Chambers allow you to put any radioactive item in the chamber and actually see the tracks that radioactive particles make. Kind of like the long contrails that jets make in the sky. Experiments can be performed to deflect and interact with these particles where you can clearly see the results. Many students have  won awards using our original CloudTracker for science fair projects. The new CloudTracker 2 will come complete with everything you need to get going, even the radioactive source. Keep an eye on our website for the release date. If you'd like us to email you when they are available, just shoot us an email to [email protected]

New Tornado Machine

   Several years ago, we sold a large Tornado Machine  (pictured above) which was popular with schools, weather enthusiasts, hobbyists, as well as museums. By adjusting wind speed, wind shear, updraft, etc. it allowed you to produce miniature tornados of varying intensity and design - in free air ( i.e. not inside a sealed chamber ). An updated version of our Tornado Machine will soon be part of our standard stock. There will be two Tornado Machines available - a small (3' tall) and larger (about 7' tall) unit.
Keep an eye on our website for additional information and the release date. If you'd like us to email you when they are available, just shoot us an email to [email protected]



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