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Jet Engines
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United Nuclear Jet Engines

Building and working with Jet Engines are fantastic projects that leave you with an extensive knowledge of turbine engines and the theory behind them - as well as a small but powerful engine that can power just about anything from Go-Karts to small boats.
Fun and educational, you won't forget the awesome & rewarding feeling you get when you fire one of these little monsters up for the first time. These homebuilt Turbine Jet Engines are fully throttleable that spool up and spin down sounding like their larger military jet engine cousins.
Incredibly impressive and amazingly powerful for their size & weight.

J-101 Turbocharger Jet Engine
Our J-101 Jet Engine is built around a large truck turbocharger.
The maximum thrust essentially depends on the size of turbocharger you are able to obtain.
The J-101 can either be built from scratch, or you can buy completed components from us and piece it together much more easily. If you are going to go the DIY from scratch route, please note that it requires a fair amount  work in construction and is best suited to the true do-it-yourselfer who is familiar with welding stainless steel and metalwork. The turbocharger is the most expensive part of the engine and the remainder of the materials required to complete the engine are fairly inexpensive if you fabricate them yourself. Good quality used truck turbochargers can be purchased from just about any auto wrecking yard or used automotive parts dealer for about $50 to $400 - or if your budget permits, you can always purchase a brand new one. Depending on your budget and application for the engine, you can upgrade the engine performance by afterburning it, or add on a multitude of additional features and capabilities. Properly built using a decent sized turbocharger, the J-101 can have a maximum thrust up to about 400 pounds.
 The J-101 Jet Engine will be available in kit form, as individual parts, or you can simply order the plans and fabricate everything on your own.


Components will be available in early Spring
Check back here for updates.

Jet Engine Plans

We offer 3 different sets of Jet Engine Plans.
The J-101 Plans are for building the turbocharger based turbine jet engine mentioned above. The plans are in 8.5" x 11" book format and cover all the information needed to build the engine including alternate parts sources, etc.

The other two Jet Engine Plans, our J-20 & J-130 Jet Engines, are considerably different than the J-101 turbine engine.
First of all, they have no moving parts whatsoever. There is nothing to wear out, and there is no complicated support equipment such as fuel & oil pumps, bearings, or radiators found on turbine engines, or reed valves that wear out & break found on pulsejet engines.
They are known as 'Pressure Jet Engines' and have also been called 'Static Ramjet Engines (because they produce power statically (when they are stationary) where true Ramjet engines only produce power when moving at very high speed).
At the present time, we do not sell J-20 or J-130 engines or parts, only the plans.
The plans for the J-20 & J-130 are large, 1:1 scale drawings (over 16 feet long for the J-130 and over 8 feet long for the J-20).
The engines are fabricated from just sheet metal and tubing. If you are good at with metalworking & fabrication (cutting, welding, forming) you can build these engines. Being 1:1, full size drawings, these plans can simply be placed on top of your sheet metal and the parts cut right out. It is a great metal shop project for the more advanced hobbyist.
The original engine & designs were produced by a close friend of Bob Lazar's, Eugene Gulhareff. Until his death, Eugene built & sold his engine for decades and met Bob in the late 1970s. Bob occasionally worked with Eugene building engines and also sold plans with some minor modifications he incorporated for Go-Kart & small vehicle use at car shows and race events.
These plans incorporate the performance changes Bob made back then and the engines actually put out about 15% more thrust than advertised. The J-20 & J-130 engines are controlled by a simple ball valve regulating propane flow to the engine which allows them to throttle from idle (essentially zero thrust) to 100%. The engine does get red hot during operation so it cannot be built into an enclosed area unless copious amounts of ventilation are provided.

J-130 Jet Engine on a Go-Kart
See the youTube video:

Bob in 1979 with a J-20 Jet Engine on his bicycle

J-20 Static Ramjet Jet Engine Plans: $60.00
J-130 Static Ramjet Jet Engine Plans
: $40.00

J-101 Turbine Jet Engine Plans: $35.00